Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Arguments with my boyfriend

I don't know why I even bother to have a relationship with such a guy who boss me around.. yet still I love him more than ever. I'm a stupid one huh?.. But I can't resist his touch his words his all :( He said something about me not passing some of my works and I'm the one whose fault is it. I know that it's my fault and he doesn't have to give me that crap. I hated him for doing that yet I still love him too.. why did it turned out to be so difficult for us.. specially tomorrow is our monthsary :( and I haven't receive any emails to him :( .. why did it turned out like this. I want him around like we used to do :( i want his presence right now

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Anonymous said...

Awe don't worry all will be well =) Stay positive- & Remember never love ANY man with all your heart, because they take advantage. The only person you should love w/ all your heart is GOD <3 God Bless.